The Untold Secrets About The Philosophy Of Life

Each one of us has different philosophies about life. These philosophies are usually influenced by our culture, upbringing and even the beliefs of our ancestors. While it is not commonly discussed, a person’s philosophy is his guide towards understanding life. Someone may not be able to answer what his philosophy is but observing his ways, actions and the way he talks or deals with problems will definitely show you what type of person he is and what his philosophies are. But before we move on further in this article, let us define some concepts first:

What Is Philosophy?Philosophy Of Life

Philosophy is an academic discipline that deals with the understanding of reality, knowledge and one’s existence. It is a deeper search for knowledge about many facets of life using a more straight-forward and less emotional approach with the use of reason and theoretical ideas.

What Is Philosophy Of Life?

As mentioned earlier, each person can have different philosophies of life and different aspects of life like education, parenting, religion, politics and building relationships with other people. These philosophies guide us through life. If you search online or even spend time in libraries, you will find that there are many materials about philosophy. There are a lot of books on philosophy of life as well as philosophy of life essay that you can even relate to. You may also encounter philosophy books about pioneer philosophers like Socrates and Plato. You may notice that early philosophers are mostly Greeks. In fact, philosophy itself was born in Greece.

Socrates philosophy on life is a famous discussion among modern philosophers and even in colleges. Some books about the Greek philosopher are used as course readings in many universities across the globe. For instance, one of Socrates’ philosophies is to never do someone wrong even if that person has wronged you. Another is his deep respect for the state. Just like Socrates, even people of history and the modern age have clung to various philosophies like the following:

• John Locke 

John Locke is considered the Father of Liberalism. He has always believed that a person has rights specifically to live, be free and to own material possessions.

Thomas Aquinas

He is considered as a religious philosopher and famous for proving the existence of God through his argument that everything has a beginning and an end. Many of his philosophies have been the foundation of Christianity which is being observed even up to this day.


One of the most famous philosophers of all time, Chinese philosopher Confucius has coined the Golden Rule, claiming that what you do unto others will most likely be done to you, thus, you should not do to others whatever it is that you don’t want done unto you. To this day, the Golden Rule has been adopted to be the philosophy behind karma.

Adam Smith

Known as the Father of Modern Economics, Adam Smith is behind the idea of free markets. In his free market economy philosophy, Adam Smith has advocated that market prices must be influenced by sellers and buyers according to supply and demand not with the intervention of the government.

There are so many more philosophers who have stood out throughout history with their famous beliefs and guiding principles. Likewise you can also check out these life-guiding principles on various aspects like:


According to Plato, love does want nothing other than good for someone. This kind of love leans toward unconditional love just like what a mother can give her child. Even Greek philosophers have categorized love according to nature as Eros, Philia and Agape.


Benjamin Franklin once coined, “Honesty is the best policy.” This means that you don’t need any rules or policy in a particular setting or society when everyone is honest. Who needs rules and law when everyone is accountable?


Jean Jacques Rousseau once said that we are born unequipped and lacking in everything. Everything we need when we become adults was provided by education.


Even the famous religious icon Buddha advised to not believe in anything anyone tells you or anything you read unless it coincides with your beliefs and reasons.


A famous quote that says, Death is certain; life is not, is a common view among many philosophers. Philosophy is grounded in reason and fact. Death in effect is one’s end or finality.


Oprah Winfrey once said, “In life, you get what you have courage to ask for.” This means that success or anything that you want to achieve will only be realized if you “ask” for it. Success cannot be earned without hard work.

Dreams and Age

The wise Aristotle believed that age doesn’t limit someone’s ability to dream anything.


Friedrich Nietzsche’s famous philosophy about life is well crafted into this quote, “He who has a “why” to live can bear almost any “how”.” This means that discovering a reason for living will get you through life no matter how difficult it will get.